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    Dog TrainingAs soon as you get you puppy you can begin training him or her. Start by familiarising them with everyday items that they will come into contact with to make them comfortable.

    Dogs will only get stressed or frightened by things that are new to them. This might include cars, children, bikes, trains or pavements. Make sure your puppy can cope by giving them an all round experience as early as you can. For example, if your puppy will be around livestock, let the dog be around the animals (once innoculated) so that they can get used to the idea. Give your dog as much information as possible in its earliest years - make sure for example that they know about summer and winter wear so it doesn't surprise them if you wear shorts on a walk.Get a dog insurance quote

    You should begin house training as soon as you bring your puppy home. The puppy should be taught that it is wrong to use the house as a toilet - this should be a simple process but don't get angry if the puppy makes mistakes. Take your dog outside after every feed, when it wakes or when it circles on the spot. You will only need to wait a couple of minutes before he or she goes but make sure you praise them immediately after - within two seconds to build the association.

    Any accidents in the house should be ignored. Wash the area using a mixture of washing powder and water - this will deter the dog or puppy from that area. But the approach is to positively praise good behaviour but ignore the mishaps - it will soon learn that good behaviour brings treats.

    Treats are a good idea to have with you at all times to help praise your dog. Use these when your dog come back when called or whenever he or she behaves in a way that pleases you such as not getting alarmed when a cyclist pedals by. Make sure that the treats are part of the daily food allowance to prevent your puppy or dog becoming overweight. Over time phase the treats out as the puppy grows into an adult dog. Replacements can include a pat or even a clicker used in training classes.

    Training your dog and thinking about it carefully will bring great rewards for both you and your dog or puppy.
    It can even make you think about your own behaviour and the way you interact with others!

    Dog insurance is vital for you and your dog. Protect yourself from high vet bills and get the best healthcare for your dog. To get a quote click here.

    Pet Health Insurance aims to give you as much information as possible about pet insurance and why you should have it for your pet. We have gathered together links to many of the top online pet insurers but we do not provide or endorse any particular product or make recommendations in any way. Please ensure that the pet insurance product that you purchase from any online provider meets your needs and that the provider is correctly regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

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