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    Getting a petAre you ready for a pet? We all love the idea of opening the front door and having a dog wag its tail at our arrival, delighted to see us. Or a cat purring and rubbing itself against our legs eager for a saucer of milk, demanding a stroking session on the couch. The trouble is, that's the idyllic version, and getting a pet brings with it a whole range of new responsibilities.

    Whereas a hamster or budgie will need their cages cleaned regularly, and their food and water bowls filled, cats and dogs need far more attention. However, on the plus side, cats and dogs give far more back in the form of affection and companionship than a hamster or budgie - and far more also than the owner puts in.

    Although apparently similar, cats and dogs are very different pets. Cats are far more content with their own company than dogs, and this independence means they do not have to be exercised. Cats just need a cat flap or for the door to be opened for them and they're off - exploring the neighbourhood and then checking back occasionally when it's time for food and to get a bit of fuss.
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    Dogs, however, are fundamentally different. Dogs need the companionship of their owner. Whilst a working person can still be a good dog owner, all dog owners need to think about how much time they can devote to their dogs for exercise, walking and grooming their pets. As a rule of thumb, the minimum time a dog should be exercised is 20-30 minutes per day for a small dog and up to 2 hours per day for a larger, more energetic breed.

    The benefits though far outweigh the sacrifice. It is a known fact that humans release endorphins when stroking a pet - these chemicals act in the brain to make us feel happy. Similarly, owning and exercising a dog is mutually beneficial - not only is it good exercise but it has also been proven that the most successful dieters are dog owners, particularly if they are helping their dog lose weight at the same time. So owning a dog especially is a big responsibility, but it comes with big rewards.

    Another big responsibility of owning a pet is the high cost of vets' fees, especially if your cat or dog is unlucky enough to ever suffer from ill health. Make sure you protect yourself from these high fees by buying pet insurance. To get an instant pet insurance quote click here.

    Pet Health Insurance aims to give you as much information as possible about pet insurance and why you should have it for your pet. We have gathered together links to many of the top online pet insurers but we do not provide or endorse any particular product or make recommendations in any way. Please ensure that the pet insurance product that you purchase from any online provider meets your needs and that the provider is correctly regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

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