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    pet care insurancePet care insurance is now an extremely valuable form of insurance for your pet - especially a cat or dog. With pet care insurance you can rest assured that you will be protected from high vet costs should your pet become ill or gets injured. Pet care insurance gives you total peace of mind and means that your pet will receive the level of veterinary care that you will want for your pet.

    Don't take a chance that you will have to pay high vet costs and take out pet care insurance today - it's the best present that you can buy for your pet and also your bank balance.

    Escalating pet care costs, especially from vets in the UK, is the number one reason thousands of pet owners are turning to high quality pet care insurance. Vets' fees have grown exponentially in recent years and many pet owners have been faced with the difficult decision of how to finance their pet care costs in the event of illness to their pet. But, with high quality pet care insurance, you don't need to make that decision. You can rest assured that you will be protected from high fees and your pet will receive excellent pet care from your vet.

    Get a pet care insurance quote now Pet care insurance is surprisingly cheap for the benefits that it affords. From as little as £2.92 per month you can be covered against pet care costs of up to £6,000 per year. Your pet will benefit from the very best levels of pet care and you won't have to worry about any emergency.

    Pet care insurance also protects you with other benefits such as cover for
    kennel fees, cattery fees or boarding fees if you become ill or even receive a cancellation fee for your holiday if your pet becomes ill before you travel. Pet care insurance can even be purchased for your pet rabbit, hamster, birds or horse - so it's not just limited to cats, dogs and more traditional pets. But, most importantly, pet care insurance will give you peace of mind that your pet will always get the best pet care whatever the fees - because you won't have to pay them. It can also provide liability insurance and accidental damage insurance of up to £1 million.

    Find out how much you could save in a year with our range of online pet care insurance providers. Pet care insurance starts from just £2.92 per month for cats and £4.50 for dogs with benefits of up to £6,000 in vet pet care fees per year - that's unbeatable value.

    In a
    serious emergency or an illness you want the very best care for your pet - this could, in the worst case scenario, come to hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Keep your pet safe without worrying about cost by taking out comprehensive pet care insurance now.

    You'll be amazed how much you could save in a year in vets' bills by taking out pet care insurance from our range of online pet care insurance providers. Pet care insurance can be purchased online and cover is immediate.

    Pet Health Insurance aims to give you as much information as possible about pet insurance and why you should have it for your pet. We have gathered together links to many of the top online pet insurers but we do not provide or endorse any particular product or make recommendations in any way. Please ensure that the pet insurance product that you purchase from any online provider meets your needs and that the provider is correctly regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

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