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    There are many cats that don't go out for one reason or another in the UK. For some cat owners it's impossible for them to let their cats go outside as they live in accommodation that just isn't suitable - such as a flat, sheltered housing or similar types of accommodation. For this reason, cats that don't go outside very much are often termed 'flat cats'.

    There are also cats that don't enjoy going out very much and they will often go outside purely to go to the toilet and will then seek to come inside as soon as possible. Such cats rarely, if ever, stay outside during the night time period or for any long period of time.

    Cats also tend to stay in a lot more as they grow older, especially in the winter months when it's much colder outside.

    Whether your cat goes outside or not, it's just as important to ensure their vaccinations are up-to-date to protect them from cat flu and other killer diseases. It's also just as important to protect them from illness - and you from vet fees - by taking out appropriate pet insurance.

    Pet insurers have designed cat insurance products purely for indoor cats (or cats that go out rarely). It includes all the benefits of vet fees' protection and immediate cover but saves you money because it excludes other benefits that you simply won't need if your cat doesn't, or hardly ever, goes outside.

    You get vet fees' cover of up to £1,500 per accident or illness and. what's more, there's no upper age limit or exclusion on getting their pet insurance for older cats. It costs from just £4.88 per month and your first month is free when you buy online.

    To see all our cat insurance providers - click here

    Pet Health Insurance aims to give you as much information as possible about pet insurance and why you should have it for your pet. We have gathered together links to many of the top online pet insurers but we do not provide or endorse any particular product or make recommendations in any way. Please ensure that the pet insurance product that you purchase from any online provider meets your needs and that the provider is correctly regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

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