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    October 2008 May 2007
    PHI partners with Asda Pet Insurance Skin allergies top complaint
      Pet insurance to rise says Tesco
    September 2008 April 2007
    Give a pet a home say Pet Store Visits to vets cost British business
      Dog owners told to check breed for diseases
    June 2008 UK dog owners not vaccinating their pets
    Elvis the parrot gets an ASBO  
      March 2007
    May 2008 British dogs suffering more ill health
    Hard up Families dumping pets 3 out of 4 pet owners without pet insurance
    April 2008 February 2007
    My Cat doesn't match my Carpet Pet Friendly Holiday on the Rise
    Pet Health Insurance partners with the PDSA British pets pampered at Christmas
    Pet Health Insurance partners with Homebase  
      January 2007
    February 2008 More Dogs get Pet Insurance than Cats
    Pet Health Insurance partners with M&S Third of Small Dogs are Nuisance Barkers
    Pet Health Insurance partners with Argos  
      November 2006
    January 2008 Animal Welfare Act becomes law
    Pet Health Insurance partners with Petguard Frog Dissection Kit removed
    Xmas sees more dogs than ever dumped Kidnapped Dog held to Ransom
    December 2007 October 2006
    Tesco says keep chocolates from pets Headbutting Police Dogs in Wales
    Pet Health Insurance partners with Pinnacle UK Animal Cruelty Laws too lenient
      Protect pets on Bonfire Night
    November 2007 British dogs under-exercised
    Pet Health Insurance partners with E&L
    RSPCA says be prepared for pet costs September 2006
      Gourmet pet foods growing
    October 2007 Mirror says buy pet cover
    Fancy a 4 foot leopard for the living room? What makes a pet happy?
    Is your dog a teacher's pet? Can dogs feel jealousy?
    Is there a Toyger in your back garden? Caring for your pets' teeth
    September 2007  
    Cat insurance required at Number 10  
    August 2007
    Direct Line offers flood protection
    World's tallest dog lives in Southend-on-Sea
    July 2007  
    Pet owners told to get pet travel insurance  
    Britains fat dogs show north-south divide
    June 2007  
    Dogs as clever as toddlers  
    Celebrities influence pet naming
    As Featured On Ezine Articles    

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