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    Check out or online pet shop below or use these links and discount codes brought to you by Pet Health Insurance

    Pet Supermarket issues discount codes from time to time for money off all your pet supplies online. Check for Pet Supermarket Discount codes - click here.

    Mikki Snoozer Tunnel Bed The perfect place for your pet to curl up and relax. Cats and small dogs will love this tunnel type bed which is made from high quality fleece fabrics and offers your pet a warm and cosy environment to help make them feel safe and secure whilst resting and sleeping. The bed is machine washable at a low temperature.


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    Kitty Go Crazy Kitty-go-Krazy is 3-in-1 interactive toy designed especially for your feline friend. The electronic arm simulates unpredictable mouse-like movements that cats cannot resist, and the talking, or jingle ball running around the flexible track will drive your cat wild. Add to this the various wand attachments and your cat will never be bored again! With fully adjustable speed control, and timing switch, you can adapt the toy to suit your cat or their mood. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included).


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    Buddy Bowl Spill proof and splash proof, the Buddy Bowl will not spill water even if it is turned completely upside down. Ideal for travelling, especially for inside your car or van, as no water will be lost and your vehicle interior will not get soaked. Holds 1.9 litres (0.5 gallon).


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    Find similar great products in the Dog Bowls and Feeders department.
    Retractable Dog Lead

    With its sturdy plastic case and ergonomically designed handle, this retractable lead is both durable and comfortable to use. It can be used as a training or exercise lead, and it's brake and lock features are designed for easy use with one hand. This helps to improve control. Reflectors located on the handle and on the lead provide high visibility at night. For dogs up to 72.5kg.


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    Find similar great products in the Dog Leads department.

    Pet insurance is vital for you and your pet. Protect yourself from high vet bills and get the best healthcare for your pet. To get a quote click here.

    For more pet wear and pet products visit our new online retail shop and visit our pet section. To go straight there click here. We have hundreds of pet products for pets of all shapes and sizes.

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